1. Ariana M

    Need your opinion!

    Hello! I am not a guinea pig owner, but this is my story of how I met Mac, my boyfriend's guinea pig. I had the chance to visit my bf mum this week and she has taken care of Mac since my bf moved out. We were asked to give him and his friend Cookie a bath, and since then Mac the guinea pig has...
  2. Nibsandtuft

    What Food Do Guinea Pigs Like?

    We have two male guinea pigs and they love the normal food like beans and cucumber etc. But we would like to try them on something different ! Any ideas :hmm:
  3. Jennybug89

    Guinea Pig Therapy

    I've been a piggy mammy for less than two months. But already I can understand why people love them so. I had a death in my family two days ago. My great aunt passed away after quite a tough weeks weeks. She was like a nanny to me as all my grandparents are unfortunately long gone. The last few...
  4. court29x

    Late Night Cuddles

    We saw the piggies were getting a bit moody with each other so we got them out for some late night cuddles with mommy and daddy :luv: Noodle tried to make a quick escape across the bed and give me a heart attack but my boyfriend caught her and Beansprout fell fast asleep in my arms:hug::wub:
  5. I

    Nail Clipping

    I plan on getting 2 male Guinea pigs in August, after researching further about Guinea pig health I realized that the nails will need to be cut when neccescary. I am also aware of the quick and the fact that cutting the quick can lead to a result of pain for the Guinea pigs. Please comment how...
  6. Julie M

    Fudge, Peanut & Buddy

    Love these 3.
  7. MJG

    He's Enjoying That...

    Honestly this little guy is my best friend ( I love his brother dearly too but Goliath is very independent and won't tolerate cuddles lol ) he helps me cope with daily life , he is so tolerant I will literally kiss him and kiss his ears and kiss his back and he's just like oooh I like that and...
  8. AdamFrench

    Rip Little Teri Bear :(

    We awoke early this morning to find a typically very eccentric Teri huddled in the corner not wishing to move very much. She was extremly bloated and confirmed to have an intestinal blockage which in term lead to her being put to rest at 10:30 today. Sweet dreams little one, we love you so...
  9. meggles1410

    Introducing Bluebell And Maisie Being My Little Goof Again

    after my posts i finally got pictures of little Bluebell and some of Maisie finally back to her old self! Maisie is so happy and relaxed again, snuggling and pancaking :wub::wub: also starting a grooming routing with Bluebell after preaching about the importants of it all the time at work (I'm...
  10. Beans&Toast

    Photo Update...

    Haven't posted any photos of the pigs lately, better fix that :drool: Beans is doing amazing considering she was spayed 2 weeks ago and has since pulled out her stitches and then pulled out the staple that was put in in place of the stitches... nothing stops that pig, not even cataracts :love...
  11. Julie M

    My 3 Boys.

    Fudge (my senior at nearly 5) Little Buddy Peanut (he's had a BIG haircut) :doh:
  12. Beans&Toast

    Thank You From Beans And Toast.

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone on this forum for all their help and support. My poor pigs have had one thing after another and they just can't get a break. I've stressed more than I thought possible and spent more money than I make on vet bills. I feel like I've neglected...
  13. Beans&Toast

    Some Of My Favourite Photos...

    Out of about 6000 photos, I think these are some of my favourites of beautiful Beans and Toasty :wub: I absolutely adore these girls :luv:
  14. Guinea Days

    Shout Outs

    All you have to do is this thread and show us the most hilarious picture of your piggys. The best picture will get a shout out in our next thread and a cute extra pic of our piggys. Good luck xx guinea days x
  15. Beans&Toast

    Posing Pigs

    I know I'm biased but I think I have two very beautiful pigs :)):love:
  16. Beans&Toast

    Beans' Ear Must Have Been Burning...

    Earlier on today I mentioned in a thread that Beans can be a grumpy little pig and doesn't always like hugs or to be petted (I love her just the same) Well she must have known I was talking about her because about 30 minutes ago she was eeking at me to be picked up, and once I did she made...