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  1. C

    Guinea pig not eating after being spayed

    Hi, My Guinea pig Daisy is 5 years old and 6 days ago she was spayed due to recommendations from vet because of hormonal changes. She hadn’t returned to her usual eating/ behaviour after a couple days so on the follow up appointment we expressed these concerns and was told it can be normal and...
  2. Queenjellybeany

    Low squeaking noise and trouble pooping

    Hey! Just wanted a lil advice. I took my golden girl ciri to the vets as she has been squeaking when pooping. She has been given loxicom and had her first dose today. The vets were really nice (cat and rabbit clinic) and they suggested she take the loxicom and just to monitor her, and if...
  3. dabel101

    Loxicom dosage

    Hi! My guinea pig Doris has been to the vet for a limp she has and has been prescribed some dog loxicom. As she weighs exactly 1kg they have given her a dosage as if she were a 3kg dog, does this seem right? We have been told to give it once a day but i have read as guinea pigs have a fast...
  4. M

    Sow bleeding from bottom after 2 weeks of antibiotic and anti inflammatory treatment

    Hi, My piggy June is about a year and a half old. Two weeks ago I found blood in the pen and on her bottom to we took her to the vets where she was checked and had an x ray. There was glucose in her wee and blood and the x-ray showed no sign of kidney or bladder stones. So she began treatment...
  5. A

    Loxicom and Emiprid

    Can Loxicom be given at the same time as Emiprid?
  6. antonianicoleee

    Poorly Piggy, Been Told To Prepare For The Worst :(

    Hi everyone. I took Poppy to the vets on Monday. When I took her the time before she weighed just over 1.3. She now weighs 1.02. She has lost quite a lot of weight. The blood is apparently coming out in her urine, not in her poop so apparently this is still cystitis and they think she is just...
  7. D

    Possible Bladder Stones/infection?

    Last month, my gorgeous 3yr old piggie Robbie passed a huge plug of some kind out of his urethra and had to get it removed by the emergency vet. His normal vet then prescribed him a week's worth of Baytril and said we'd keep an eye on him. He seemed to be doing okay, eating fine and everything...