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lump in bottom

  1. M

    Lump on rear end

    I have two piggies, and we’ve noticed suddenly one of them has a lump on her rear end. We also noticed recently she has been losing weight, which is in addition even more concerning, and my partner is worried it’s related. We started giving our piggies more vitamin C water additives and she...
  2. S

    small lump on guinea rump

    we recently discovered a pea sized lump on my 4 year old guinea pig's rump. there have been no changes in his behaviour and he doesn't seem to be in pain or react when we touch the lump. we have googled guinea pig tumours but his doesn't look anything like the photos online. He hasn't had any...
  3. V

    Soft and Squishy Big Red Lump on Guinea Pig Posterior

    Greetings, my mother has a guinea pig she really loves. She left out of town for a week and I was looking after her. When she got back, we noticed a lump. With time, it has increased in size a bit. My mom and I are at a loss for what it could be. It seems to be bothering her since she seems to...
  4. RedVipey

    Guinea pig with painful lump on lower back/leg

    My mother was helping me groom my pigs and was brushing one of my boars until he cried in pain. She found the spot that was upsetting him though unfortunately couldn't see the lump properly because of his hair and his squirming, though my mum commented it felt scab like and was hard. We never...
  5. O

    Big lump on guinea pig (know what it is?)

    My guinea pig has had this large lump on her far body on the side of her back and we are just wondering what this is, we think it might be a harmless cyst or maybe a tumour. We’ve had her for almost 6 years and she’s never been sick, she’s never seemed to be in pain and hasn’t lost her appetite...
  6. G

    Large lump inside bottom

    My guinnea pig, Pebbles was being bathed (monthly occurance) when I noticed a somewhat large lump of skin comming out of his anus and just below it thee is no behaviour change and he seems to be pooing just fine I have noticed while I've had him out, I'm not sure what have caused this or why...