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lump in eye

  1. G

    Old girl

    Hi all, I have a (nearly) 4 year old female called Ginger, the past few months I’ve noticed some changes in her: the whites of the her eye coming over into the colour and a small lump along her spine (near the rib cage). I’ve had her out today and I’ve noticed her nipples have some sort of...
  2. Jiggy_Sweets

    Strange Lump On Eye With White Crusty Patches

    Our 4 week old Female guinea pig, Minnie, has started to develop this odd white growth on her upper eye lid which is surrounded by white crusty patches. There is discharge that we can see and there’s no smell present. She is still eating just fine and getting along with her guinea buddy, Sally...
  3. T

    My Guinea Pig Has Something Wrong With Her Eye

    My Guinea pig is 6 years old this has only appeared today and she's never had it before, she has the vets tomorrow but I just wondered if anyone knew what it was? I'm very worried about her.