lying down

  1. piggyGin

    I'm super worried about my piggy :(

    Hi everyone! how are you all doing? I have few questions as I'm worried about my piggy Gin. He is eating and drinking, eats snacks, a little bit of pellets, and a lot of hay. He was pooping a lot more than usual for 2-3 days, but yesterday and today it's normal again. My concern is that he...
  2. kitkat1

    Post Pictures Of Your Guinea Pigs Sleeping!

    I thought this would be a fun thread- I am interested to see how other piggies sleep! I don't know if this is already a thread or not, but that's okay. XD Here is my pig Dipper sleeping: Whenever I try to get a pic of my other piggy Moonbeam sleeping he always ends up waking up- he must be a...