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  1. E

    Crying with no evident source of pain

    Hi! I’m not usually active on social media, let alone on forums, but i’m desperate for help. My english might not be very good as I’m not from an English speaking country but i really need help. My guinea pig is an intact male, 2 years old. He’s always been an active little fella and nothing...
  2. cinnamon7

    sick guinea pig

    i got a guinea pig from pets4homes, i think he’s been neglected. He came with long nails, dirty fur, greasy fur and sores on his skin. he also has diarrhoea. how can i help him to make his poops back to normal and any tips on to help heal the scabs
  3. tyler4

    Baby Guinea pigs and adult pigs

    Hello, I had NO idea what to post this thread in, all i saw was baby care. Anyways, I have two adult male guinea pigs, and I’m planning on getting a baby male guinea pig soon. I don’t know how to introduce them, or anything like that. My boys can be very territorial when it comes to new pigs (i...