male and female

  1. M

    Which piggies should I get?

    Hi I’m new to the forum, just a query on what people’s opinions are over getting a pair of male piggies or females, the female pair in question are a couple of weeks older but the breeder says one of them is quite skittish. I’ll attach a photo. I’ve only ever had females before but apparently...
  2. Kirbs

    help? - Bonding for single piggies that don't get along?

    i have three lonely guinea pigs who don't get along (+ 2 others that do) i was wondering whether it would be better to get them a female companion or a baby companion since i saw that adult guinea pigs get along well with baby ones.
  3. Wheeky_pigs

    Male guinea pig for my females

    Hi everyone, and merry Christmas Eve (or happy holidays) I’ve been thinking a lot resently that I would like to get some male pigs for my females (I have 2 herds for females) as I’ve read this helps relax females and provents them from illnesses. I was just wondering what age is best to get...
  4. L

    Mother And Baby Bonding With Others

    We recently got a new mother and baby guinea pig from an SSPCA shelter, to keep our original (neutered, so he shouldn't smell of males) pig company, after his companion died. We were originally planning on getting just the mother, but we learned that she had been bonded with her daughter when we...