male and male pairing

  1. Annita

    Owner of one and worried owner of 2

    Hii! Ive own my sweet piggy Jericho since 2019 but at the time i had no idea that guinea pigs were supposed to be in pairs. A friend gave him to me cause he was to agressive with the other 3 he had and hes been with me ever since. I wouldnt say hes agressive but he most certainly has a lil sass...
  2. H

    Lamenting and advice?

    Hi there! I'm new to the forums and really need to find people that understand my anger right now. Recently, within the last month or so, I've adopted a guinea pig from a new friend. I won't go too into detail to remain anonymous. He's around a year and a half out and a very sweet, but very...
  3. kyra01

    Is my cage set up fine?

    I have two guinea pigs - Tupac and Biggie. I’m just wondering if my guinea pig cage is fine. We just added the plastic barriers for extra room/playtime. We just got these guys as well, so my boyfriend and I are trying to making them as happy as possible. sorry for the mess! I learned that...
  4. kyra01


    My boyfriend and I got two New Guinea pigs from petsmart. Tupac we had for a couple weeks and didn’t notice any health changes until we got Biggie just a couple of days ago. My boyfriend is saying biggie has been sneezing a lot, and now I’m noticing that Tupac is sneezing here and there. Should...
  5. kyra01

    2 guinea pigs

    My boyfriend and I bought a guinea pig a couple weeks ago. We decided to get him a new friend today. Tupac is the one we had for a couple of weeks and is 1 and Biggie, the one we got today, is a little younger. They were introduced and Tupac immediately starting mounting him. We eventually put...
  6. liyahjane

    Pairing Two Male Guinea Pigs

    My Guinea Pig, Kade, is 6-7 months and i was wondering when finding a friend for him which age is best to pair him with
  7. Tlong

    New Cage Mate

    Hi there, I really wanted to see if someone could help me with establishing what’s “normal” for male guinea pig bonding. I have a 5mos old boar named Mac and just brought home 3 days ago a 2mos old boar named Monty. Mac is trying to establish his dominance he rumble struts all the time chases...
  8. RachelLaura2012

    Bonding 2 Males

    Hi, We got our first boar Dwight in Autumn 2019 - he was recommended to be homed individually because he was apparently bullied and when we got him, he had a couple of recovering cuts on his face. We kept him alone until January to see how he developed and he was doing well. He was lively and...