mange mites

  1. Queenjellybeany

    Burrowing Mites Advice PLEASE!!

    Hi all! I've just signed up to this forum as I am desperately seeking some advice. I have two female himmys which I picked up in January, so only months old. One of the ladies started itching and before I knew it she had an open wound behind her ear from a bite. I took both pigs to the vets on...
  2. J


    Hi, I have a three month old hairless guinea pig. He has been itching and biting himself very frequently and has one major spot where I believe he scratched raw that has now began to heal, but it is dry and flaky. First I thought he had mange mites, but after being given a topical dose of...
  3. elris

    please help - itchy guinea pig after arrival of new companion

    hello, i have recently bought a baby guinea pig to be a companion for my one year old lola. from the day that i got her, lola has begun scratching pretty heavily, mainly around her nose and towards her back. i’ve never seen her do this before. i bought a flea/mite treatment and used it on both...
  4. Ruby Fawn

    Safe For Guinea Pigs?

    I went to the vet today with Chuck because he was itching SO much and losing hair. The vet scraped his skin and found no mites, so she guessed it was mange mites. (She said she didn’t want to go digging in his skin because he’s so squirmy.) She then prescribed us with a treatment called...
  5. ollieandwinston


    My piggy has mites and we did research as to what to get to treat him,and most people said to get mite treatment at our local pet store and when we looked they didn’t have any and have never heard of it which,so we came back and did more research and found neem oil.So we were able to get some...
  6. H

    Need Advice after mite-treatment

    Dear Forum, After 7 years of being blessed with piggies, my older male guinea pig (Alvin, neutered ~7 years old) was suddenly diagnosed with mange mites. According to the vet it was due to the new guinea pig being introduced. Anyways, I've put him and the rest of the herd on Ivermectin and out...