1. E

    First Time Meeting

    Hello! My guinea (M) has been a single for a while. Recently, I’ve gotten a new baby guinea (M). Their introductions went smoothly but my single guinea pig’s bum was being weird. Not sure if his penis was out! Is this normal?
  2. TheLottiediarys

    Do you agree with allowing animals to meet?

    I’ve always been very much against letting animals of certain species meet. Obviously it’s bad to let something like a snake meet a mouse as it’s the natural prey for many snakes. And in terms of health certain animals can carry diseases that could be harmful if passed from species to species...
  3. ChloeCee98

    Love Love Love ❤️

    I love it when friends and family ask to come round and see the piggies! Does anyone else end up having people sat in the pigs room veggies everywhere and happy piggies showing off? Cos I do almost twice a week lol! They get so much love and attention. Also popped a blanket over MoMos side of...