1. D

    Aubiose supplier North West / Greater Manchester

    Hello all, I've been using Aubiose for the past 3 months and have really enjoyed it, compared to traditional wood shavings from Pets at Home. The only problem is the delivery. I've been buying a 20kg bag at around £10-11, but the delivery is about £6 per bag. Are there any local suppliers in...
  2. Siikibam

    Aubiose And Megazorb, Or Softchip

    Ive had to move back to disposable bedding as the fleece was just creating too much work for me. I put them on shavings but when they have a run round it goes everywhere outside the cage. So I’m looking into megazorb or aubiose. Is aubiose really that sharp? I’ve read people put hay on top of...
  3. Siikibam

    Snowflake Wood Shavings

    So, in preparation for getting me (us) some pigs, I bought snowflake wood shavings. But then I came across some threads saying wood shavings aren't a good idea and others saying they're fine. I'm left in a quandary now as to which is true.... This is the type I bought. Someone help me please...
  4. Danielle Smith

    How To Spot Clean Bedding (megazorb/shavings/carefresh)

    I'm used to having my lot on fleece, but since the baby boars have been separated from mum they've been in a Ferplast 120 with Megazorb. How does one "spot clean" this type of bedding? The "poo picking" I'm used to is almost impossible! The options I see are: Scoop out the most heavily-used...