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  1. JJW&Pigs

    Custom midwest with extensions, is it okay?

    Hi! I’ve made a custom cage using a midwest and a rat/hamster playpen, and I was wondering if it was suitable?
  2. Adelyn

    How big a cage for two guinea pigs?

    Hello everyone, I read that eight square feet was sufficient for two piggies, so I got a 4x2 Midwest cage. When I asked a rescue shelter if I could adopt one of their guinea pigs, they said my cage was too small and I needed to connect another 4x2 Midwest cage onto the current one. I'm confused...
  3. T

    Cage Bedding - Best Option For Messy Pigs!

    Hi all, We have two guinea pigs who are in a Midwest Habitat - similar to a C&C style cage. We've been experimenting with the best way to keep our pigs clean as they are pooping machines, and are yet to learn to keep it to one area! They love fleece and popcorn whenever they have fleece in their...
  4. my4piggies

    Midwest Cage?

    I was wondering if anyone has a Midwest cage and could show me a photo of the set up you use? as I'm considering getting one for my single female.. thanks :)