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missing piggies!

  1. Lizzie.1987

    Missing piggie!

    Hey guys, Didn’t know where to put this thread but this seemed like the most logical. My baby Speedy has disappeared. I had them out for a little exercise time while I cleaned their cage, I don’t have a run but I blocked off escape routes and if I spotted either of them running towards a...
  2. Siikibam

    Away from the boys

    We’ve gone away for the weekend and so I had to put the boys in boarding. I’m a little worried because they’re in a smaller enclosure and I’m not sure how many times they’ll be put in the run. I’m sure they’ll be fine anyway but I can’t help but worry. It’s like putting your child in Nursery etc...
  3. PiggySlave<3

    What Do I Do?there's I Stoat In My Garden!

    I guess this counts as health&illness? Anyway there's something in my garden and all I know is one of my friends has seen one of the 'big grey guineapigs'in the old chicken shed and about a week ago all the newspaper and bedding had been pulled out one hutch. Worst part:some of my girls are...