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  1. Daisy_and_Mocha

    The Furtatoes ♡

    Welcome to the Furtatoes' photo thread! Current piggies are Mocha and Jewel, but there may be potential for more in the future 💞 Daisy and Mocha ♡ is the prequel to this thread, starring Mocha and my rainbow bridge piggie Daisy 💗 Mocha⬇️ Mocha's new friend, three month old Jewel ⬇️
  2. Daisy_and_Mocha

    Daisy and Mocha ♡

    Daisy and Mocha's photo thread 💞 And some photos to start it off, including a couple which have already been posted elsewhere but anyways...
  3. buttercreambaby

    Guys. I’m FREAKING out right now.

    You guys have absolutely NO clue what I just got yesterday. I am an OBSESSED piggy mother now. Everyone, meet Mocha! Mocha is a very very tiny Abyssinian pig and she is super skittish and shy. She’s trying to be friends with her new sissy (Butterscotch) who has lived at home for a month...
  4. MsChrissy

    Guinea Pig

    Hi all, I have a 3 year old Guinea Pig ( male) I noticed about 3 was ago as I was cleaning his cage which I do Every night he has a swollen black mark on his back. It doesn't seem to bother him, his behavior is the same he eats drinks I let him walk around my house. I have a clean house no other...