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  1. D

    If your guinea pig won $1 billion....

    I'm bored so i'll start another thread... What would your guinea pigs do if they each won $1 billion? Jet would buy lots of treats and Cloud would buy parsley and lots of fleece beds!
  2. Ineedapiggie

    Money For Guinea Pigs

    I was wondering, I really want a guinea pig. But, how could I make money for them? How do you guys save up money to pay for your guinea pigs?
  3. TheLottiediarys

    Has Anyone Tried To Get A Full Refund On Ebay?

    I'm in a bit of a pickle. I work in a little bookstore at a market stall, I offer a servies for some people where I order book into the shop for them from online like ebay and amazon. I had a bit of a bad Headcold at the start of the week and had a blunder when ordering a book for a customer...
  4. Brandy

    Ownership Ethics

    I'm really struggling this week. Recently I had to put one of my sweet piggies to sleep due to a dental abscess to where I couldn't afford the procedure to fix it. It was a tough decision with a lot of areas to consider and ultimately it was the best option. During these tough times, my mind is...
  5. D

    Large, Angry Looking Lump On Side

    So I suppose I should start from the beginning, shouldn't I? So a few months ago (maybe five or six) I noticed a small lump, about the size of a pea, on my cavy's side. I was a little panicked, because she's one of the first guinea pigs I've ever had and I had never experienced something like...
  6. Blobfish

    Veterinary Care - When Is Enough Enough?

    Hi everyone, I'm really hoping I can get some good advice from the guinea pig-owner community! I have two lovely boars (Blob and Bramble), both 3.5 year old brothers. Unfortunately for the last couple of years, they have not been always in the best of health. Both suffer from recurring bloat...