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  1. C1994

    Mould Prevention on Wood Hides

    Hello, So I have some wood hides for my two sows, they like to do their business in them, a lot. So now they have gone mouldy by the look of them. I don't like the idea of plastic hides since they are chewers. Is there a way of stopping wood hides from going mouldy? A wood treatment that is...
  2. CraigGlasgow

    Fed Up Of Mouldy Meadow Hay, Is A Timothy Only Diet Acceptable?

    So due to various reasons I've just moved my remaining pig Weasley's cage in to my bedroom yesterday evening. Gave it a thorough clean, disinfected, all new hay, toys, the works. The pigs have always slept in my room wheb we visit relatives back hime so I didn't forsee any issues with this. Went...