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  1. K


    I have 2 guinea pigs in a 4x5 cage and I have seen a mouse running around my room. I’m unsure if it will get into their cage. Will it harm my pigs? They are munching on hay right now and I can’t find the mouse!
  2. Guineapigfeet

    Funny Bird On The Feeder

    We had a new visitor to our feeders today. So cute! Now off to Longacres to get a new squirrel baffle! As lovely as I think mouse-birds are, I don't really want to encourage them too much as one of my neighbours is a bit poison-happy :-( . Fortunately for the mice, they live under the other...
  3. Chuckie J

    Help Dealing With A Visiting Mouse

    Hello! Our girls Judy & Liza live in an outdoor hutch - this sort of style: For a long while we've had a little dormouse visitor who comes to the ground at the bottom of the cage, probably to enjoy some of the hay that the girlies have pushed out of the cage. Just recently we've noticed that...
  4. Rosie's Mum

    Lots Of Blood In Cage - Splashes The Size Of My Hand!

    Hello! I hope you can help me - I've just been into my piggies before work and it looks like someone's been murdered! Checked all piggies over and they all seem fine, no wounds or stains on their fur. The blood is splattered on paper I give them to chew and is purpley in colour. They haven't had...