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mouth sore

  1. D

    Squinting eyes

    Hello, just wanted to write on here to see if anyone else has dealt with the similar. I have 3 little sisters, only 15 weeks old. Petal has been squinting her eyes (quite badly at some points) when eating. We went to the vets on Wednesday and the vet checked inside her mouth, eyes and listened...
  2. blueredgreen

    White spots on lip?

    Recently my youngest Guinea pig (Crumble - 7 months old) has had white kind of spots on his lips. It looks mostly like dry skin and I pulled a bit off yesterday thinking it was something he had eaten and he didn't seem to be hurt at all. I now realise that I probably shouldn't have done that and...
  3. P

    Chipped Teeth

    One of my sweet boys has chipped his top teeth. Both top teeth broke off smoothly and at the same length. It took me 24 hours to notice they were chipped. He had a small scrape on his lip which is healing good. I tried to see his teeth and I though they were fine. He was eating and drinking...