mouth sores

  1. Lxxra

    Crusty Ball on Side of Mouth?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what a crusty, white ball at the corner of a Guinea pigs mouth is? Noticed it only today, it pulls his lower lip down. He seems to be eating normally. Is this an infection of sorts? There is nothing in the room that could get anything stuck to his mouth. Looks like...
  2. SixPigs

    Poorly Pig, 2 X Kidney Stones, Not Drinking Or Eating , Any Advice Please?

    Am new on here. Please help me. We have 5 guinea pigs and one of the eldest [4 1/2 yo] had stopped eating his veg and looked hunched and squinty eyes so we took to vet on Sat. He checked mouth [ok] and did bloods [all ok] and examined [all ok], but xray showed 2 kidney stones. I did see xray but...