1. Xmolxlie

    Diarrhoea and wheeking when going to the toilet

    Hi everyone! My guinea pig Kovu has been undergoing treatment for a UTI, she’s been on loxicom and cystophan for a few weeks now, had to cancel my vet follow up visit Saturday as I’d come down with a cold, and with the current pandemic didn’t want to risk making anyone sick, and Kovu has been...
  2. MissNutmeggers

    Oxbow Digestive Tablets

    My guinea pig has had mushy poops recently, and it hasn't gone away within a week. Any idea what I should do? I've heard that Oxbow Digestive Tablets might help. It isn't Diarrhea, she hasn't been loosing weight, if anything she's been gaining X3 She's currently 4 months old. Is this normal...