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my babies

  1. Celine298

    Snip Snip

    Hey guys! Today is the day, my little boy Sunny is going for 'the snip'. Not only did I feel soooo guilty last night for not feeding him (his 12hr fast began at 9.00pm) but I'm also really worried about his operation today! My vet is excellent, all our pets have been to them in the past...
  2. crnyng

    Piggie Pictures Pt.2

    I'm pretty obsessed with the cuteness of my pigs, as we all are with our pigs, and I just can't get enough pictures of them that I always want to share! So enjoy! (: They will all be posted singly.
  3. crnyng

    Piggie Pictures

    Happened to get some cute photos of a few of my pigs and just really wanted to share them somewhere! In order: Luna (F) Solis (F) Venus (F) Mocha (M) Pumpkin (M) (5 out of the 7 I own)