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nail clipping

  1. M

    Nail trimming

    Hello friends! Usually my cousin will clip my piggies nails (She works in a vet and has always clipped the nails of animals either we have owned), I noticed that she doesn't clip Beemo's nails much, she told me that the white in his nails where his nerves are is longer than usual so she can't...
  2. kerry3383

    nail trimming - drawing blood!

    hi everyone! long post sorry: i’ve just had a horrible experience trimming my girls nails :’( i’m usually quite good with her! we took our girls to the vet for first time nail trim as we were too nervous & wanted to watch someone else so it - she said one of our girls has naturally long talons...
  3. I

    help, guinea pigs nails are overgrown

    hello, I have 2 female guinea pigs and they'll be 6 years old next year. they're still very active and happy. they live outside as it doesn't get cold here (and if it does they get a blanket) and live in a large cage. I've noticed that after years of never having issues with long or overgrown...
  4. S

    Need to cut boars’ nails but he won’t let me pick him up

    Hello! I have a boat that is 1 year old, and I just recently bought him and his brother. And today we tried to cut their nails for the first time but the boar in question (Holmfast) do not let me pick him up. He seems very mad and jumps around so that I cannot catch him at all. When I did he...
  5. H

    Nail Clipping

    Hello, I'm a new guinea pig owner and I bought year-old guinea pigs off Kijiji. When I got them, they were not given any hay and their nails were very long. I have tried to clip them but the quick of the nails has grown so much that one of my boy's nails bled once I cut it (he has black nails...
  6. Laura M.

    nail cutting

    How do you cut nails? I have heard various stuff, but I want step-by-step with pictures
  7. court29x

    Clipping New Baby Guinea Pigs Claws!

    I'm a bit nervous about clipping my piggies claws! I've had guinea pigs before and so have all my older sisters but because I was so young they all used to clip them, my piggies are 7 weeks old now, when and how should I clip them? advice? x
  8. Hlao-roo

    Super Sharp Nails - Help!

    My piggy Romeo has super sharp nails! I trim them but he has broken my skin a few times recently with them because they still stay really sharp. My other piggies scratch a little but no where near as bad as Romeo. Is there a way to dull them a little? Can I file them? Any success stories with...
  9. R

    At A Complete Loss!

    Hello! However this is not my first set of guinea pigs, this is my first rescue set! Long story short I've recently rescued 3 boars from a very neglectful home. All of their nails are disgustingly long and curled round. The boys have never been handles (they're 4 years old) meaning they've never...
  10. S

    Extremely Long Nails!

    So we got 2 female piggies from a colleague of mine and they had never cut their nails in the year of having them! Its gotten to the point we don't know what to do because the nails have fused together and we don't want to hurt our little princesses.. Should we risk cutting them ourselves or...
  11. Beans&Toast

    Clipping Nails

    So up until now I've taken my pigs to the vet to trim their nails but I want to do it myself now, party because it's so expensive and the vets is a 30 min drive away. Only think is I'm not sure how to hold them while I do it, plus my two are very wriggly so I'm not sure if it's a good idea to...
  12. Nat_Piggy

    Clipping Nails!

    Hi! I was wondering if anybody could help me with cutting nails? I am yet to get the piggy who is the subject of this article, but I have also been wondering about my sister's piggies. She goes to a vet to get their nails cut, but a nail clipper came with the grooming kit I bought, so I thought...
  13. HannahPiggie

    Frequency Of Nail Clipping

    This summer I have started to tame my very wriggly pig who would never even let me pick him up before. I have taken him to the vet every few months for nail clipping, but the last time was fairly stressful as the nurse cut the quick. His nails are pretty long and they tend to grow curled over...