nail trimming

  1. futurefame

    are these nails too long

    Could you tell me if these nails need cutting?
  2. Chestnut&Hazel

    Cutting Pigs Nails

    My 2 pigs are 2 years old so they have had numerous nail trimmings, but only on their back feet. Do i need to trim their front nails? One of my girls, (the one who really doesn't like having her nails done) has one long front nail but not long enough that it is getting in the way of her paw...
  3. Siikibam

    Nail Trimmer And Brushing

    Ive used our nail cutter in the past to cut the boys’ nails but I’m not too happy with the way it works. I did a search and found some use clippers. I’m wondering if this is the correct one? Secondly, they seem to shed a lot - in finding hairs in the bathroom and on my bedside table, and other...
  4. TheLottiediarys

    Struggling To Trim Rabbits Nails.

    Hi guys! We've got some rabbits, two I believe are giants or in any case very large rabbits and one is a normal sized. Flick the normal sized doe's nails are perfectly fine, I think she spends a lot of time in the run so files them down naturally but my two large/giant grey rabbits seems to...
  5. Hlao-roo

    Super Sharp Nails - Help!

    My piggy Romeo has super sharp nails! I trim them but he has broken my skin a few times recently with them because they still stay really sharp. My other piggies scratch a little but no where near as bad as Romeo. Is there a way to dull them a little? Can I file them? Any success stories with...