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  1. BobaTheGuineaPiglet

    Vet Tech Ripped My Guinea Pig Nail Off

    the vet tech got too close to the nerve in the nail and my Guinea pig pulled his hand back to avoid the pain while the nail cutter was still wrapped around the nail. The whole nail shell came off. They gave him pain killers and antibiotics. This happened 7 days ago. His meds were to be given...
  2. C


    I’ve noticed my pigs nails and it seems like they’re a little long. I’ve never trimmed them before and I’m in need of advise. How to do it and how to notice when they’re too long for them. Also is normal nail clippers okay to use as that’s all I have
  3. I

    Broken nail/black toe

    Hi all, First post but I've found the advice on here really useful when building a home for our two pigs (6 months old). Today when clipping nails we noticed that one had a broken nail and a worryingly dark toe (see picture below). No sign of any blood but it looks like she lost the nail a...
  4. dabel101

    Nail sideways

    Hi! I just notices today that one of my piggies (7 months old) has nail growing slightly to the side, not excessive id say ab 5/10 degrees to the side. Its on the middle toe. The nail, toe and foot itself look perfectly healthy. Should i be concerned? x
  5. LittleRed

    Nail Trimming Tips for Thick Nails?

    A little background on the question - my guinea pig, Boba, used to live in a two story C&C cage with a little ramp about a year ago. One day I looked into his cage and noticed a fair amount of blood on his blankets. Obviously worried I pulled him out of the cage to find that one of his back...
  6. Valen niko

    Weird toe nail

    Hello everybody, Hope you could advise me. I've noticed my guinea pig (male) has a strange toe nail (didn't have that in the past when I clipped his nails). I see he is biting it more than others, maybe it's bothering him. Attached a picture of it. Thanks in advance!
  7. Martina97

    Swollen Toe

    Hi everyone, This is Martina from Italy. I'm very worried about one of my two piggies. Last Tuesday, while I was trimming his nails, I noticed that he was missing one and that he had a swollen toe. I can't really think about when he could have lost it - never found any bloodstain in the cage nor...
  8. yayoiharuko

    I'm A Terrible Mom!

    I made my baby bleeed. Ahhhhhh >. < What do I do :c I was clipping his nails. Since they are black I can't see the quick.
  9. Han Heydon

    Issues With Nails & Clipping

    hey wondering if anyone could give me some advice. one of my piggies is all brown including his nails which makes it very hard to see the quick of his nails and he very much hates having his nails cut. As a result he wriggles which makes it that much harder. as a result he often goes a while...
  10. Guineapigfeet

    Nail Clipping Success!

    We managed to clip every single nail on all three piggies with no squeals, tears, blood or protestations today! All was over in 5 minutes! Did them in reverse order if delinquency; Rey, Chewie then BB. The all sat on OH's lap, held sitting up by OH's be-gloved hands and let me snick-snick each...
  11. Guineapigfeet

    Front Nail Clipping Advise

    Does anyone have any tips of advice for clipping front feet? I find them really tricky with my wriggly pigs and they get stressed and we (I) get stressed and BB drew blood today :-( major ouch. Back feet are a breeze, helped along by the fact that they are so far away from the teeth! I feel...