name ideas

  1. I

    Naming my piggies

    Hi, I'm new to this and would like to get some name suggestions. I would like harry potter names for my guinea pig. I have already chosen Llewellyn as one (name from Murdoch Mysteries) and would love to have a harry potter name. So far I'm thinking Errol or Norbert but am not sure. I would love...
  2. C

    Need a name

    Help, Need a name for this new little one (the black one) The other one is called Poppy because of her red eyes
  3. Shelby._.

    Name For A New Piggie.

    I will be getting a baby boar to pair with a guinea pig who suffered the loss of a cage mate. I’m in need of name ideas and am quite picky haha. I’m looking for a long name that can be shortened to four lettered or less. Example : Augustus - Gus Leonardo - Leo Theodore-Theo. Let me know your...