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  1. CocoandGingerPiggies

    Name for New Piggy

    Hi guys! I need some help choosing a name for my new guinea pig. She is an American calico guinea pig, and i need a name that goes well with Ginger. I had some ideas: Poppy Lumi/Lulu Saspirilla/Sassy (Like the plant) Please let me know what you think! I’m open to other ideas as well.
  2. WobbleBobble

    Name help!

    Hi! I’m getting Wobble a friend (boar) and would like any suggestions for names that go :)
  3. G

    Guinea Pig Names

    Hey! I just got my guinea pigs yesterday. I have one that came with a name that I like and one that I'm not too fond of. Do you have any suggestions? Here's a little bit about him: He is a male He is brindle-ish: light caramel-like brown, black, and a little bit of white near his ears and...
  4. Kirstie :)

    Help Me Name My New Piggy!

    Hello! I am getting a female piggy in around a month. :yahoo: I'm looking for some name suggestions - something unrelated to looks and behaviour. At the moment, I quite like the name Pippa or Bella, but I'm very open to suggestions! She is going to be the companion of my current piggy Gorm...
  5. Keiko The Pig

    Name Help!

    heres a picture of the young boar I am adopting! Poll to help me name this cutie :)
  6. Keiko The Pig

    Adoption In Process! Name Help!

    Hi everyone! I've been actively searching for a young boar to bond with my Keiko, and the ONE AND ONLY piggies rescue near me came through! They had a litter of 3 pigs recently (mom was already pregnant when they brought her in, obviously they do not breed) and there is one boy! The sisters will...
  7. LoopyLou

    These Two Guys Need A Name, Any Suggestions?

    Hello, First time poster on here. Just bought our piggies today from a lovely lady; they're brothers and about 10 weeks old. We've just fallen in love with them already. Unfortunately we cannot think of any suitable names for them; has anyone got any suggestions? We're thinking Twix for the...