1. Koko

    Need Name Ideas!

    Last week I adopted two baby girls - one I have named Hazel, but I am struggling to find a name I like for the other! Suggestions? For the little brown one on the left! Right one is Spud :) The two abby's are Tatoe and Hazel!
  2. Celine298

    If You Could Rename Them....

    We all know Guinea Pigs have the strangest name: they're not pigs and they're not from New Guinea! I was thinking, if we could rename them, what would we call them? Based on our experiences with these wonderful little fluffies. Personally, I'd go with Spud Bunnies, because of their potato...
  3. Octavius :3

    I'm Back ☺️

    I haven't been on this forum at all for a while considering my first piggy octavius sadly died about a year ago Although I miss octavius dearly I have a new piggy, a ten week old girl, I'm not quite sure on the name yet (any suggestions?) anyway hello again I'm so happy to be back on here ❤️...