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  1. Killeroc

    Guineapig Whistling noise - is it a cause for concern?

    Hi, Just wanted to see if anyone has had their geauinpig whistling. - It's definitely nasal but the vet said he was fine after all the checks, he's eating and drinking fine, no discharge around the nose, but even with antibiotics we can't get rid of it. Anyone experience it before?
  2. Puddles1999

    Brown nasal discharge?

    Hi! I have three guineas. Recently, our mocha was taking Orbax for a possible uri. She had a runny nose, he said her lungs and everything sounded great but to be on the safe side, he decided to medicate her. It’s been about two weeks since she’s finished her Orbax. However, I had penelope out...
  3. batata

    Nasal Issues

    The backstory: I bought my two guinea pigs from Pets at Home (due to lack of better knowledge at the time). Unsurprisingly, they are victims of bad breeding. They are now 5 years old but in very good shape for their age, not yet showing signs of aging at all. Due to the bad breeding, Loki's...