neem oil

  1. CavyCanadienMom

    Neem Leaf Powder Over Oil?

    My two boars are being treated for mites with revolution by my vet, but to help with the the itching and kill the lil beggars off faster, I was looking at neem oil. The thought of smothering them in oil for a day or two doesn't sound fun since they are both hairy Abyssinian breed. I was...
  2. K

    Neem Oil?

    So, Lalo had a little check up. Luckily, I knew this person so, I got a discount but the whole medicine is too much right now. They recommended that I used "Neem oil". It supposedly kills mites and eggs. Leave it in their fur for 48 hours? Boil the oil first and then wait to cool and then rub it...
  3. Bella123

    Rose Hip Oil & Neem Oil

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if the following oils can be used on guinea pigs for dry skin? Neem oil Rose hip oil Other then dry skin (if I can use these oils) what other skin issues can the above oils treat? Thanks