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  1. R

    Very nervous new pigs!

    Hi new time pig owner here! I adopted a pair of 12 week old boys last week. I have read so many taming techniques, all say to start with offering them food in their hide and move your hand away and they will eat it, then move on from there…. Mine just sit terrified at the back of the hide and...
  2. H

    Cagey in the cage advice

    Hi, I have 2 male guinea pigs aged about 9 months. I got them from a private seller as a Xmas gift from Santa. They were the sellers first litter, she had sold them to a friend but they were returned, so I bought them. Anyway, they live in my living room so that they are not spooked by our...
  3. HeatherW

    Teeth Chattering - Fast And Slow

    I've read that fast teeth chattering is meant aggressively, but is that always the case? Could it sometimes be meant defensively if a pig is feeling a little unsure or nervous? When I feed my piggies their fresh fruit and veg, Jasmine has occasionally approached the bars of the cage chattering...
  4. C

    Nervous New Piggies

    Hi, I have two new guinea pigs about 9 weeks old and have never had them as a pet before. I've had them for 8 days now and they're slowly getting more adventurous. I started handling them on the fourth day and have had them out of their enclosure once a day since then - I've just been sitting...
  5. Piggielover333

    Petting/chin Rubs

    I have had my pigs since August and I was just wondering if there is a period that they will not enjoy chin rubs. Obviously not all of them are guaranteed to want them.. but are they just scared right now and don’t want to relax that much? They are starting to all come up to me when I reach in...
  6. KaitlinH

    How Can I Build Their Confidence?

    We got some new piggies a while ago and they're still very shy and nervous. They are in a quiet environment with a big pen. They are two male piggies who get along well but can argue over veggies from time to time. They can also be handled by people but freeze and don't move because of nerves...
  7. court29x

    Nibbling And Flipping On Side

    The smaller piggy of my two 7 week olds, Beansprout, flips onto her side and nibbles quite frequently when being handled, we've tried to handle them calmly and gently, and we've put her behaviour down to being young or perhaps needing a wee or poo when being handled, but the other piggy, Noodle...
  8. Moomin91

    Unhappy Piggy? Worried Newbie Owner Advice Needed

    Hi all proud newbie owner here that has been researching and reading countless forums on here already to prepare myself for the new arrivals but I really need some more advice and couldn't find any similar thread, I'm rather worried about one of our new Guinea pigs we brought 3 females home...
  9. Livy

    Timid Guinea Pig

    Hi! I adopted a guinea pig, Curtis the other day (close to 2 year old male) and him and Benny get along and interact very well, they hit it off almost immediately. The only concern I have ran across is how timid he is with human interaction. I don't know too much about his background other than...