1. Ffduty

    Head Tilt

    I have about a 6 month old sow, with a rather prominent head tilt, and has done for about a month now. To cut a long story short, we went to the vets, they said she had crusty ear wax but couldn't see any parasites, got given ivermectin and otodine. The wax has loosened a litt but still has a...
  2. S


    My guinea pig is 4 years old. I got him and his brother from PetSmart and his brother had always walked in circles and never made noise. Eventually he ended up passing under a year old. I still have his brother and for the last few years he has started to decline. He has slowly developed head...
  3. N

    Neurological problems in 18 month d guinea pig

    Hi everyone, just found this group and hoping for some positive advice.* Peanut is currently at the vet* So my daughters found her piggie Peanut lying on his side chirping. Front legs looked like he’s trying to run and he’s quite docile. Laying still but chirping when fussed, head tilt every...
  4. Guptheguineapig

    Specialist Ear Infection/falling over

    Hello there! I have a little girl named Tippy. She was a rescue from a pet store. She was kept in the back room because she had a head tilt and they couldn't put her out in the front with the rest of the pigs... When I rescued her she was reported infection free (which now I don't believe)...
  5. rowankistune19

    Any Experience With Neurologic Issues

    I would like to start by saying that I am currently working very closely with my vet to monitor this situation but I am very interested in seeing if anyone has seen anything like this before. Also I apologize for this being so long. So now onto the issue. I have a young boar named Bilbo around...