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  1. Jeslubur

    Guinea pig lost appetite after neurering - any tips of tricks greatly appreciated!

    Hi, Our piggies were neutered last Tuesday and since then one of them has been feeling poorly and lost his appetite somewhat. Last Saturday we took him to the vets where he was given some medication to get his gut going after I noticed him not eating that morning. After the vet visit he...
  2. L

    Quick question:

    Solo, I actually have four Boars, they're grouped in pairs of two. And in one of my pairs, is a Guinea pig who is 9 years old with a Guinea pig who is about 11 months now. The younger one is recently neutered, and I know I can't do anything for several weeks, however I doe eventually want to...
  3. S

    Can Three Neutered Boars Live Together?

    Hi So I have three boars (I know ill advised but I adopted them from my sister who didn’t do much research on guinea pigs). I’ve has them for three years and all has been fine- Jack is the dominant one and the other two were fairly ok with that. But as of last week, Spike and Jack have really...
  4. Olivitree

    Digging A Hole?

    Hello there folks! Not an urgent query I don't think, but I came downstairs today to find that one of my guinea pigs had dug a narrow but deep hole in their sawdust (temporary measure while I try and get enough funds together to get my fleece and towel set up on the go). It was in the cage of...
  5. P

    Guinea Pig Post Op - What Is Normal?

    Hello there, My boy, Fluff, was castrated yesterday poor thing. The vet said that everything went well and that he seemed to be recovering well. I am just a bit concerned as to what is normal behaviour after an op and also what is normal food consuption etc? I gave him some spinach leaves...
  6. pnwgranny

    Update On Molly, Maxie And Lily

    Maxie wants everyone to know he and the girls have finished their mite treatment and are all mite free. Maxie is also neutered now and is still in his own cage for another month to make sure he is healed and unable to create babies. My babies are growing and are the sweetest, most lovable...
  7. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Neutered Boar Questions.

    So it looks as though I'll become the forever home for a nice young man at the end of the month and I have some questions. Firstly, I've read that they can still produce boar glue, much to my disgust! :)) Can they still suffer with sperm rods too? I'm very nervous as I will have to bond him...
  8. Sach15

    Adding A Neutered Boar To A Quad?

    I have 4 sows and they get on fine but one of the girls is very dominant and gets a bit moody if one of the other girls does something she doesn't like. They have a run which is over 6ft and have a hutch against the run to go in for the daytime and They also have a shed with a stable door, which...
  9. coco&chanel

    Benefits Of Introducing A Neutered Boar To 2 Sows

    Hello, I've been reading on here about people wanting a neutered boar for their sows. I was wondering what the benefit of this would be and whether it would be better than getting another sow? I'm wondering this mainly out if curiosity but i am also toying with the idea of getting another pig...