neutering advice

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    I have a lonely piggie! What should I do?

    Hello, I recently adopted three female piggies. My younger sister (she's 13) got a male guinea pig a while ago. I think she just bought him from a pet store and didn't do much research beforehand. His diet is fine but his cage is a bit small and he doesn't live with a friend! Of course, her...
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    Post op care after neutering a boar

    My boar is getting neutered soon and I was just wondering if he needs a temporary smaller pen for a few days after surgery. He currently lives with two excitable baby boars and I've heard some sources saying to separate and others to put them all together again. Some advice from personal...
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    Advice on Neutering

    Hi everyone! Needing some advice, I have two male pigs at a year old and recently took on a female pig. Her previous owners are friends with my mum and went on holiday about a month ago and my mum volunteered for me to take care of her for two weeks, two weeks has turned into me now keeping her...