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new companions

  1. Pig_mum

    Help! My New Guinea Pig Is Being Bullied

    I have two guinea pigs, Primrose (1 year and 2 months old) and Jemima (approx. 6 years old). I adopted Jemima with another guinea pig, Gordon, from Woodgreen Animal Shelter 4 years ago and due to a number of health complications, Gordon died in February 2016. So in the April of 2016, we got...
  2. Annie Robbins

    Piggy Is Finally Getting A Friend... Any Tips?

    Hello everyone! So I am finally able to get another guinea pig for my loner pig. I have read all of the links on the forum and I have read so many things online. Poppy is 5 months old and she is a girl. I am looking to get another girl from the same store I got poppy. I haven't bought the...
  3. E

    New Pal For Bereaved Boar?

    I lost one of my two neutered boars last weekend to bloat. I had struggled to bond the pair after I'd got the younger one from RSPCA at around 1.5 yrs old following the loss of Clive's brother earlier in the year. They lived side by side as if left on their own they fought, drawing blood on 1...