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new food

  1. Piggiefriend

    New Food Ideas Needed

    Hi! I have been told my piggies need to cut down on greens like parsley, kale and celery and I’m struggerling to find different food - I’d love some suggestions about what your piggies love which aren’t green leafy veg.
  2. Jamesey

    Fussy Eaters - Help

    I have two very fussy guinea pigs who will eating everything that’s bad for them! I need to change their diet to contain less calcium, but how do i get them to other food? I really want them to eat peppers (any colour but especially green or yellow) but they are just not interested I have been...
  3. bumbling-bambi

    New Food Alert! - Piggies Not Sure?

    So I was out picking up some bits and bobs to tide us all over untill the new year and what should i find? A new food! I'm not sure if its new in general or just new to me but i thought id pick it up and try it out. So what is it i hear you ask? Well it's the Rosewood Naturals Meadow Menu...
  4. Maria71

    Changing Food Over

    Hi I am in the process of changing my piggies over to a complete food rather then the food they came with . I started on giving them more of their normal food then the new food and have gradually added more of the complete nugget . I am finding they are leaving the nuggets and eating their...