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new guinea pig meets old guinea pig

  1. R

    One of my pigs ate the others ear

    This is a bit of a grim topic but I need advice. We recently got a baby guinea pig to keep my 3 year old female company as the 3yo's friend had died. We've had the 2 of them together for about 2 months now and they were getting on perfectly fine. The baby passed away yesterday and she was found...
  2. fluff.

    What do I do if my new guinea pig gets scared (and starts squealing very loudly?)

    this happened yesterday, but i still would like to know sorry for any incorrect grammar along the way so, like, i got my new guinea pig 2 days ago, set her in a temporary cage to quarantine her for a week, and later picked her up with my other guinea pig, placed them in the playpen, and set...
  3. P

    New female pig and old female pig fighting and strange behaviour

    Hi everyone, I am facing some problem with my female pigs, hoping you guys can help me out. I had a pink eyed white female guinea pig from more than one year and i felt she was getting sad and bored and depressed alone. Two days back, I got another female 1 year old, but smaller than my...
  4. M

    New Guinea addition

    Hi, Hope you can help. We have two 6 month old guinea pigs and we have just bought a new baby guinea pig. Currently we have created a barrier in between the two older ones and the new one but the two older pig have started fighting each other whenever the new one is near. Is this behavior...
  5. Sonnet

    When Sprout (was Bob) Met Chutney

    Posted before about bringing Bob home as a possible new friend for Chutney. Well...after a week of having their cages next to each other, I let them meet today. Put them in the bathroom, with a big plate of food, and kept a very careful eye on them. Didn't go too badly, all things considered...