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    I recently got a guinea pig two days ago. Today I held her for the first time and she seemed pretty chill so I let her stay while I did work online for about 5 hours, she fell asleep in my sweatshirt pocket and whenever I put her back in her cage she whines to come out and tries to make me hold...
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    Lamenting and advice?

    Hi there! I'm new to the forums and really need to find people that understand my anger right now. Recently, within the last month or so, I've adopted a guinea pig from a new friend. I won't go too into detail to remain anonymous. He's around a year and a half out and a very sweet, but very...
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    Is the cage size good?

    So I’m making a cage out of the wire used for c&c but with a wood bottom that we’ll water proof and wood support so it isn’t too flimsy. His cage is going to be 33” by 42” and I was wondering if that is an ok cage size? We can’t go much bigger either