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new pet

  1. TinaY

    Getting a puppy, how to keep the piggies happy and safe?

    After 2 years wait, we are finally getting a puppy in a bit over a month. I want to make sure that Donuts and Buckets have the same freedom and safety (aka safe floor time and not feeling hunted in their own cage) as they did so far. Any tips from you who have dogs and guinea pigs living happily...
  2. D

    Rescue: should I?

    Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the forum, literally registered ten seconds ago. I'm Greek, 19 yo, and a college student with a hella lot of free time. I don't have any piggies, but I have been interested in them for so long and I've been researching for their care forever. I'm an experienced...
  3. CreamCheese

    Store Bought Cage, What Can Be Housed In It

    Backwhen I first had my guinea pig I so stupidly got a store bought cage. It's about 1.5 by 2 feet, I was wondering what other small animals I could house in it. (State does not allow sugar gliders or hedge hogs)