new pig

  1. P

    Introducing baby guinea pig?

    Hi so I'm not really sure if this post goes here, but i need help. I recently got an 8 week old pig as i wanted to add a fourth pig to my herd. My existing herd has 3 males who are pretty friendly. However- two of my males are fairly large pigs and I'm afraid that they might crush the little one...
  2. emmyk89

    Don't understand new lone pigs behaviour

    Hello! I was a pig owner a few years back I had 2 boars who were brothers and bonded. 5 days ago I rescued a single 1yo boar who was advertised online in a little cage totally unsuitable for a pig so I took him in, with the intention to get him a friend within the next couple of months...
  3. P

    Replacement Buddy

    Hi. I'm new here. I hope I don't offend anyone by just jumping to my question. My Biscuit (male, just neutered, 6 mos old) lost his buddy. I'm going to get another buddy for him but I'm having trouble making a decision. My options: 1. 2 mos old female, intact 2. 6 mos intact male (will be...
  4. euthene


    I recently just got a pig named Max (white piggy). Their owners couldn't keep him since they were moving to a smaller place, so I had my piggy meet him. I thought it was fine between them, a lot of dominance between the both of them but nothing more serious when I met with her. Once I got home...
  5. G

    Small Black Patch by Butt

    I have just gotten a new guinea pig today and he seems completely healthy behavior wise, but when I was letting him run around in a pen by himself for a bit I noticed a little black patch right above his butt/lower back area. It seems like a scab and I tried pulling it off and it didn't bother...
  6. H

    Shy Guinea Pigs

    Hi, We've had our guinea pigs for 1 and a half days, and they seem to be settling in well. Yesterday they were too scared to even leave their travel box, but now they're exploring a bit and coming out. However cookie who is noticably the shyer pig of the two is not as confident. She hides behind...
  7. S

    New Pig

    Hello, I adopted a 7 month old male guinea pig named Norman. I have never owned one before and should have done my research before purchasing but am making up for lost time by purchasing the guinea pig handbook and watching little adventures on youtube. Since watching many of these videos I...
  8. Beans&Toast

    Maple Meets Beans

    So Maple joined the family on Thursday (I changed her name to Maple, I just think she suits it and it fits in with the food theme, Maple syrup :drool:). Beans had been a bit lonely since losing Toast and wasn't quite herself anymore. Enter Maple. She is from the Ayr guinea pig rescue centre...
  9. Sporgan

    Unexpected Death Of A Young Boar, Do I Need To Get Another Playmate For His Brother?

    Over the weekend a tragic accident resulted in the very tough decision to have one of my fur babies put to sleep to end his suffering. The whole day was very emotional, unusual and difficult for me but also for my other guinea pig - his brother and cage mate of 2 years. I have been monitoring...
  10. Jennybug89

    Our New Arrival!

    Meet Rachel! She's 8 weeks old... And stunning. Picked her up today and can't get enough of her. She's in her own cage separate from Rosie for the next few weeks till they can meet. Cannot wait to introduce the two. Any ideas of her breed?
  11. D

    Piggie Integration (need Help)

    So I had 3 adorable Pigs and then found one that was all alone at a pet store and fell in love with her. That was almost a month and a half ago and I have tried multiple times to integrate the new pig with the older ones who are only a few months older than the newest pig and there is always...