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new pups

  1. R

    New Pups, Bonding, Food, and Behaviour.

    Intro First i'd like to state I owned my first guinea pigs for 7 years before they passed away a few months ago. However i had these guys when i was a lot younger and did things my way rather than doing lots of research. I'll break this post down into segments about my questions. 1) Early...
  2. Celine298

    New babies!

    Since our Sunny plodded over the rainbow bridge, we were busy hunting down a companion for Lola. It was actually pretty hard :/ After a long hunt we ended up picking TWO new friends for her. Meet 9 week old Rosie (teeny baby) and Marilyn (black and white baby)! From day one, Lola loved them...
  3. Chocolatepiggy

    Teaching Guinea pigs to use a ramp?

    My piggies are only babies I got them on Friday but I have extended their cage out to give them constant floor space. They just don't know how to use the ramp? I have covered it in veggies and they seem to stretch their bodies up and grab the veggies from the top then scoot back down. Has anyone...