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    Unprepared mother of found piggie!

    Hello Everyone! I live in NYC and found a lil piglet in the park and because of the pandemic still keeping things closed here and the park staff/ 311 not having a lot of information to get her to a safe place - I decided to take her in as a foster and potential child. I bought her a cage (that...
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    Need Some Advice for a New Pig Owner

    Hey everyone! I have two piggies. One is about 3 months and the other is about 5. They were hesitate to like each other at first but are now the best of friends. They do everything together. I got the 3 month old first and didn’t get the second until after she was off of her medicine because I...
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    Playpen Cage!?

    Okay so I really want 2 Guinea pigs but I already have a hamster. My mum said wait until the hamster passes away and she'll think about it. So we recently bought a £50 cage for our hamster and if I did buy 2 Guinea pigs she would not let me buy a cage as it would cost too much. I was wondering...