1. mochalily2020

    New guinea pig relation with older ones

    Hi everyone, Today we have adopted a little male who is 2 months old. The woman who owned him could not keep him so we agreed to take him in he is really friendly and sweet. For the time being we have him in a separate cage from our two 4 year old spayed girls. I was wondering if you guys...
  2. A

    Unprepared mother of found piggie!

    Hello Everyone! I live in NYC and found a lil piglet in the park and because of the pandemic still keeping things closed here and the park staff/ 311 not having a lot of information to get her to a safe place - I decided to take her in as a foster and potential child. I bought her a cage (that...
  3. K

    Need Some Advice for a New Pig Owner

    Hey everyone! I have two piggies. One is about 3 months and the other is about 5. They were hesitate to like each other at first but are now the best of friends. They do everything together. I got the 3 month old first and didn’t get the second until after she was off of her medicine because I...
  4. D

    Playpen Cage!?

    Okay so I really want 2 Guinea pigs but I already have a hamster. My mum said wait until the hamster passes away and she'll think about it. So we recently bought a £50 cage for our hamster and if I did buy 2 Guinea pigs she would not let me buy a cage as it would cost too much. I was wondering...