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  1. D

    New Hay

    Hello. I’m new to this type of stuff so please help me out. I got my 2 male guinea pigs about 3 months ago. I recently got them 2 new bags of hay (same brand and type) but they won’t eat it as well as they used to. The new hay does seem to feel harder and the color also looks lighter, but on...
  2. R

    Baby Guinea pig might have UTI, Need help asap

    My baby guinea pig , born 15 days ago, was squeaking( cry like) since 2-3 days when peeing yesterday I was worried so i picked it up and found some red colored, blood like, thin urine. I think he is having UTI, so I decided to go to vet, who isn't experience. here in my city there are no...
  3. M

    New Guineas - Story so far and advice please!

    Hi! We have new two Guinea pigs, our first pets together (but i have owned Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and a dog when younger) and we are looking to learn more about the settling in process, and get some advice from more experienced owners. So far we have a hutch outside with lower level grass...
  4. G

    GP Tips

    Hi. My family and I are thinking of getting guinea pigs. People in my Fam:Grandma, Aunt, Mom, Dad, Me, Brother! Can you give me some tips, advice, share experiences. Can you also provide me with what cages you guys use, thee bedding, etc. All the information you can possibly share about your...
  5. Lizzieejoyce

    Low calcium diet

    Hello everyone! Newbie here who could really do with some advice. 4 days ago I rescued two female guinea pigs (sisters approx 4 years old) and noticed their urine has a strong white colour, which has stained our patio, and a couple of their poos have white elements. Research says excess calcium...
  6. R

    Should I feed my Piggies Pellets?

    I am planning to get guinea pigs, and I contacted the shelter I would be receiving them from to inquire about what they fed their piggies so as to be consistent with their diets as the piggies I will be getting will be adults. They say that they only feed their pigs Oxbow Timothy Hay. Nothing...
  7. R

    Should I get a guinea pig?

    I am a student, a speaker/debater, a cheerleader, and a soccer player. I want (and kinda can only afford) one guinea pig, but I do have a busy schedule and my parents don't necessarily want to help me care for it. In doing research about the animal, I found that they should live in pairs (but...
  8. J

    Guinea pig making strange air sound

    Hello everyone, I have two male guinea pigs. They seem to be around 6 months. One of them makes a strange sound, like pre-wheeking. I recorded a short clip of the noise. I’ve only had these two for 5 days, I do not touch them, they seem to be potty trained already, I am trying to get them to be...
  9. KaylaT4403

    I'm a new owner

    Hello! I'm new to the forums and I wanted to ask a few questions. I just got my guinea pigs yesterday. Both females, Their names are Luna and Penelope. Luna is very adventurous and does not seem scared. When I brought her home she came right out and started eating and popcorning around. However...
  10. T

    Two dominant boars & not enough space, Please help.

    Hello, I am a new guinea pig owner and I have unfortunately made a very irresponsible decision. Ten days ago I set out to get a new pet guinea pig, I had a 2x3 c&c cage set and all of the other necessities. To keep a long story short, I ended up being convinced to get two after being told they...
  11. juliloveswinnie

    New Owner With Just One Pig! Help!

    Hey there! So I just adopted a 1 month old guinea pig, Winnifred, from a friend who had about 15 other pigs. I am so so worried that she will become very lonely, although I do hang out with her and hold her throughout the day. I feel like going from so many pigs to none, is a huge transition for...