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  1. T

    Fleece bedding vs Shavings?

    Hi My boyfriend and I have been thinking about getting guinea pigs as a friend has them and we just fell in love. We've been doing lots of research and asking our friend for advice. Our friend uses shavings for her three piggies, and we were going to do the same until, during some online...
  2. KaylaT4403

    Guinea pig crust?

    I’m looking at my guinea pig Luna and she has this under her eye. She’s eating and everything and running around and I just took them to the vet not too long ago. She’s sneezed like 2 times so far but everything seems normal. Is this a concern?
  3. KaylaT4403

    My Guinea Pigs won't let me pick them up

    So I've had my piggy wiggies for about a month now c: (Penelope and Luna) And I've attempted to pick them up and they kinda just scoot away and run away. I wanna pick up Penelope because she's been popcorning and constantly mounting so I want to make sure she is okay and completely check if she...
  4. V

    Adopt Or Buy?and I

    Hello :) After a couple of months of research I've decided that I would love to get 2 guinea pigs. As I have never had a guinea pig before would I be better adopting or buying? Obviously I would rather adopt but would I be able to adopt as I've had no experience looking after pigs and I'm...