1. TheLottiediarys

    Any Idea What This Might Mean?

    I'd say for the 6ish months I've been having recurring nightmares that the animals, specifically the rabbits have died. But it's not a natural death or an animal attack, it's because I've forgotten to feed them or give them water and they've died of dehydration. I don't know what this means...
  2. Molly Isabella

    Nightmares About Piggies :(

    SORRY EVERYONE JUST MISPELT PIGGIES IN THE THREAD TITLE AND CAN’T CHANGE IT. (can tell I’m tired today Lol) I’ve just woken up from the worst set of nightmares in a while. I always seem to have similar ones every few weeks. They’re all normally based around the same thing. (Seeing piggies...