no poop

  1. ashleemelda

    Frequency of Poop; Medication Not Helping

    A couple weeks ago, I made a post detailing how both my girls' poop had become much lighter in color and was very dry even immediately after being dropped. On top of that, while they had been pooping, it was significantly less than I was used to seeing, especially first thing in the morning...
  2. A

    Poop question?

    So 3 days ago one of my pigs past away, he was rushed to an emergency vet and diagnosed with pneumonia but passed away that night...after he past I totally disinfected the cage and bedding for my remaining pig. My vet said it’s possible but not likely my other pig would have caught it, so to...
  3. Minniemary

    Gi Stasis And Not Pooping

    Hi all, my baby girl Enid is currently being treated for GI stasis but has also had bloods sent off to test her liver and kidney function. She is quite poorly at the moment, I have been Crit Care feeding her every two hours but recently she has started to eat again on her own. She's even had a...
  4. Beans&Toast

    I Think Beans Has Bloat Now..

    I am having an absolute nightmare right now. All the issues I'm having with Toast with the dental problems and now bloat (for which I have Emeprid and infacol) it now seems that Beans has bloat also. She's not done any poos since early this morning. She's eating hay and drinking water and...
  5. Stevenxxx


    It might be nothing but I'm really worried for my Guinea pig because yesterday I woke up and spot cleaned his cage with a healthy amount of poo, then I went out for the day and didn't come home until 5 o'clock and I noticed that there wasn't one single I looked up things to to or things...