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no wheeking

  1. N

    No noise! New piggies

    Hey! We are new to the guinea pig world! We are so excited. We have a huge cage, proper diet, and have tried to set up a great routine. We got them from petco a week ago. I am just worried because they make almost no noise at all. No wheeking or anything. Only a little rumbling sound from one...
  2. Y

    Sheep has been acting weird lately...

    My sweet boy Sheep (he's a male, about a year and a half old) has been acting completely unlike himself lately. He's never been a huge fan of being picked up, but lately he either sits there & chatters his teeth if you're anywhere near him or he looks terrified all the time. He won't stop hiding...
  3. Laura M.


    Is it normal if guinea pigs don't wheek? Mine do not and my mother is slightly concerned, because it is what all guinea pigs do and are known for. Do all guinea pigs wheek?
  4. Julie M

    Not Wheeking Any More

    since we lost Fudge on the 9th April I've not heard Buddy or Peanut wheeking. They all used to wheek every single day when it was veggie time. Fresh hay time or even if I came home from work and shouted "hello piggies" up the stairs to them all. I thought it would just take time for them to...