1. Lil3piggies

    Making A Chirping Sound!

    Hi guys! My piggie has just been making a noise that sounds more like a bird chirping than a guinea pig sound! Is this normal? He was running around and eating- being his usual self. Was very strange, like a high pitch short squeak? By the way that’s the only way I can describe it haha! Thanks!
  2. G

    Normal Urine Color? (pictures Attached)

    I had my piggies out on a pee pad today while I cleaned their cage.. when I was done, I noticed one of them had peed a bright pink color. It dried the same color. Is this normal?
  3. CavyIris

    Guinea Pig Is Trying To Escape

    Hi, I have 2 guinea pigs (TinTin and Milou) the are both about 5 months old. I bought a guinea pig yesterday, (Marwin). she was a friends, but my friend couldnt afford her so i took her in. and she is for now in another cage for 2 more days until i have finished building their new cage, in which...
  4. TheCavySlave

    Soft Poo?

    I haven't had the boys very long, and I'm worried about their poo, to be honest. Most are normal, but they all seem softer than they should be, some have ridges/dents in the middle and some have a pointed end. Their behaviour is perfectly fine, eating, drinking (they drink less because their...