not eating hay

  1. ashleemelda

    Not Eating As Much Hay Beginning 5/7

    On Thursday, May 7, I opened a fresh new bag of hay (I use Oxbow's Timothy Hay/Orchard Grass Blend). Neither of my guinea pigs seemed that interested and preferred instead to eat what was left of their old bag; hay that was arguably less fresh and getting stale. But even then, they did not eat...
  2. LadyLilly

    Dental Syringe feeding - Still not eating 2 weeks after dental

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone would be able to offer some advice for my piggy Lilly (who will be 4 next week! :lol:). She went to the vets on april 8th to get her teeth checked as she had some trouble eating. They checked her teeth (removed some sharp edges and made her two upper...
  3. C

    My piggy isn't eating hay!

    Hello everyone. So, I have a guinea pig that I've had for exactly one month now, named Chestnut. During the first couple of weeks of Chesnut being with us, he always ate his hay, and I constantly needed to refill it. Less than a week ago, my fiance and I went on a week and a half long trip and...