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not moving

  1. Olivitree

    Urgent! barely responsible piggy, some bloating, absolute refusal to eat or drink

    Hey folks. Swirl, about 2 years old, has come down with something very rapidly. I rushed her to the vet, vet mostly stumped, said she was bloaty, gave her some meds for that, some pain killers and fluid under the skin. Checked her teeth and temperature, mostly fine, said her breath smelled kind...
  2. D

    Guinea Pigs Acting Strange and Hardly Moving

    Hi, just signed up to post this. My guinea pigs are acting strange. I’ve had them for two years, and they’re essentially wild Guinea pigs (they go out the entire day and we just shut them in at night) which means they’re not very tame. They don’t get easily spooked, and are usually calm...