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not pooing

  1. T

    Guinea Pig Gut Stasis?

    Hi, last week my guinea pig had a very wheezy chest and was breathing irregularly and so we took her to the vets to be treated for a URI. The vet gave her a week long course of antibiotics which we completed at the weekend. We were not prescribed antibiotics and she had diarrhoea for a couple...
  2. GiznYogi

    Guinea Pig Losing Weight On Baytril

    My boar had a couple of spots of blood in his urine so I took him to the vets. She advised I give him Baytril 0.25ml twice a day. He had been eating and drinking perfectly well but since starting these meds he's now hardly eating anything except a little hay, leaving his greens and nuggets...
  3. Taylor Richele

    Piggy Isn't Pooping

    Hi everyone. So a couple of days ago I noticed one of my pigs didn't want to come down for greens. She's normally waiting at her bowl about a half an our before greens time, so this was weird. I had to pick her up and move her to her food bowl. Once she was there, she ate fine. At this point she...